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Florida Detroit Diesel-Allison is a leading provider of power generation solutions via diesel generators, gas generators, and dynamic UPS solutions. With a reliable solution from FDDA, you can rest easy knowing you will maintain a constant supply of reliable power in the event of a mains or power-grid failure. We believe that you deserve an uninterruptible power system to stay productive and to keep people safe.

standby generator installation

Industries We Support

  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Data centers
  • Industrial facilities
  • Wastewater plants

Services We Offer

  • Sales
  • Rentals
  • Application engineering
  • Service

Why mtu Power Generation from FDDA?

A Wealth of Experience

More than 60 years of expertise with generator sets and complete power systems

Full-System Expertise

Consistent power across a variety of locations and demands

Thousands of Global Installations

Expert installation integrated with the local power grid and control network

Reliable Service & Support

Locations throughout Florida ready to serve you

Standby Generator Sets

Power Generation, a core brand of Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG, uses mtu high-speed diesel engines with common-rail fuel-injection systems to produce generator sets that provide an industry-leading independent power supply. Why? Because when it comes to emergency power or ground or peak load supply, facilities and installation sites demand permanent reliable performance. 

Diesel Generator Sets

30 - 400 kW

The 30 to 400 kW of power nodes, mtu low-power-range generator sets are built with the same engineering and system expertise featuring low fuel consumption, high efficiency, and outstanding reliability. Tier 4 options are available. 

  • 30 kW
  • 40 kW
  • 50 kW
  • 60 kW
  • 80 kW
  • 100 kW
  • 125 kW
  • 150 kW
  • 180 kW
  • 200 kW
  • 230 kW
  • 250 kW
  • 275 kW
  • 300 kW
  • 350 kW
  • 400 kW
mtu 30-400 kW diesel generator

450 - 900 kW

The mtu 1600 DS genset brings mtu power, technology, and reliability to the power range from 400 to 900 kW.

mtu 1600 Series diesel generators are available in the following power ratings:

  • 450 kW
  • 500 kW
  • 550 kW
  • 600 kW
  • 750 kW
  • 800 kW
  • 900 kW
mtu 400-600 kW diesel generator

750 - 1,250 kW

The mtu 2000 Series has proven itself over six generations in performance, fuel efficiency, and reliability. This Series pushes the market performance by overachieving ISO 8528-5 performance class G2 and G3 and accepting extremely high load steps without major frequency or voltage deviations.

mtu 2000 Series diesel generators are available in the following power ratings:

  • 750 kW
  • 800 kW
  • 900 kW
  • 1,000 kW
  • 1,250 kW
mtu 900-1250 kW diesel generator

1,250 - 3,250 kW

The mtu 4000 Series generator sets perform at the highest level, featuring a robust design and optimal fuel consumption. Providing mission-critical power for more than 25 years supporting its well-known name in longevity and maximum resilience.

mtu 4000 Series diesel generators are available in the following power ratings:

  • 1,250 kW
  • 1,500 kW
  • 1,750 kW
  • 2,000 kW
  • 2,250 kW
  • 2,500 kW
  • 2,800 kW
  • 3,000 kW
  • 3,250 kW
mtu 1550-3250 kW diesel generator

mtu Diesel Generator Advantages

  • More available power
    • Industry-leading 85% load factor
  • Robust design reduces derating
    • Even under rough ambient conditions
    • Engine site condition management
  • High-grade components
    • Leading controller brands
  • Best-in-class load acceptance
    • Overachieving ISO 8528
mtu standby generator in hospital

Diesel Power Generation from FDDA


Power outputs from 27 to 3,250 kW for maximum performance


Certified for ISO 8528, NFPA 110, and UL2200


Backed by mtu and their 3rd and 4th generation Series 4000 engines


Time between overhaul up to 48,000 hours


Designed for complex standby power applications such as data centers


ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified

Natural Gas

mtu gas-powered generator sets provide you with a continuous, economical, reliable, and sustainable source of power. We offer a range of standby power solutions based on natural gas and/or liquid propane designed to be used as backup if there is an issue with the grid.

30 – 650 kW Standby

Our natural-gas standby solutions have a wide range of power options. They begin with a 2.5-L engine with a power output of 30 kW and continue up to 31.8-L CAC engine model with a power output of 650 kW.

mtu natural-gas generators are available in the following power ratings:

  • 30 kW
  • 40 kW
  • 50 kW
  • 60 kW
  • 75 kW
  • 100 kW
  • 125 kW
  • 150 kW
  • 200 kW
  • 260 kW
  • 350 kW
  • 400 kW
  • 500 kW
  • 550 kW
  • 600 kW
  • 650 kW
mtu natural gas generator
mtu natural-gas generator

Advantages of Natural Gas


Low lifecycle costs from extended maintenance intervals and reduced oil consumption


Proven technology with thousands of successful installations worldwide


Low emissions — producing up to 50% less carbon dioxide than conventional power plants


Supply guarantee if local grids fail or are unreliable

Dynamic UPS Solutions

mtu Kinetic PowerPacks provide a dynamic, uninterruptible power supply through kinetic energy and are engineered to withstand the most demanding power-supply challenges. We support critical applications around the globe in industries from 200 kW to 2,400 kW.

Dynamic UPS systems can instantaneously provide power using stored kinetic energy to drive their synchronous machines. They provide an “infinite” back-up power supply using diesel engines. In addition, a dynamic UPS acts as a power conditioner. The synchronous machine combined with the choke coil acts as a conditioner to filter spikes or transient interferences and to regulate the loads voltage within tolerance.

mtu Kinetic PowerPack
Play Video about MTU Kinetic PowerPack
  • Small footprint: The mtu PowerPack can save up to 50% of floor space over static UPS designs.
  • Reliability: The lowest component count and low operational speed provide a superior design.
  • Durability: The kinetic energy is stored in the rotor, which continuously rotates and provides a known power source at all times.
  • Power-factor improvement: The input power factor remains close to unity.
  • Lower environmental impact: UPS systems do not require heavy batteries and do not generate chemical waste.

mtu Kinetic PowerPacks are available in the following power ratings:

  • 200 kW
  • 240 kW
  • 320 kW
  • 400 kW
  • 500 kW
  • 640 kW
  • 800 kW
  • 1,000 kW
  • 1,250 kW
  • 1,360 kW
  • 1,500 kW
  • 1,600 kW
  • 2,000 kW
  • 2,400 kW

Power Generation Accessories


generator enclosure

Weather-protective enclosures are pre-assembled with aluminum or steel panels with lockable doors and designed for up to 190-mph wind-load rating. Multiple levels of sound-attenuation are available, as well as custom options and sizes.

  • Service access
  • Gravity louvers
  • UL2200
  • Custom
    • Service entrance
    • Impact rated
    • High mph wind load


generator controller

mtu Generator-Set Controllers (MGC Series) are available in three levels with a rugged, reliable, all-in-one digital generator set control.

  • Programmable logic
  • NFPA-110 compliant
  • Ethernet
  • Remote-monitoring options
  • Load sharing
  • UL1053 GFPC compliant
  • Onboard paralleling
  • Open source


generator tank

mtu subbase tanks are manufactured and listed per UL142 and ULC-S601 standards for steel above-ground tanks.

  • 12- and 72-hour tanks
  • FDEP-certified options
  • UL2085 custom


generator silencer

There are several grades of silencer options available depending on the level of sound attenuation necessary:

  • Industrial – reduces noise approximately 12-18 dB
  • Residential – reduces noise approximately 18-25 dB 
  • Critical – reduces noise approximately 25-35 dB
  • Hospital – reduces noise approximately 35-40 dB

Diesel-Fuel Water Separator

generator water separator

High-capacity water separation (99% water removal efficiency) and fuel-filtration process protects engine components from dirt, rust, algae, asphaltenes, varnishes, and especially water, which is prevalent in engine fuels.

  • Single- to three-stage filtration options
  • 10- or 30-micron filter element(s)
  • Non-switchable or switchable options

Transfer Switches

automatic transfer switch

Transfer switches provide a reliable means of transferring essential load connections between primary and alternate sources of electrical power. Models include standard automatic, bypass-isolation, and service entrance.

  • Closed transition
  • Soft-load transition
  • Delayed transition
  • Open transition

Featured Projects

Ferris Wheel at Icon Park in Orlando FL

The Wheel at Icon Park

Orlando, FL

Ferris-Wheel Backup Power

  • Two (2) 800-kW emergency standby diesel generators
  • Master control
  • Custom-painted enclosure
mtu generator at Nemours Children's Hospital

Nemours Children's Hospital

Orlando, FL

Hospital Backup Power

  • Four (4) 2,250-kW emergency standby diesel generators
  • 15-kV synchronizing paralleling switchgear
  • Master control section with ASCO medium- and low-voltage bypass isolation transfer switches
Halifax Health Medical Center entrance

Halifax Health Medical Center

Daytona Beach, FL

Hospital Backup Power

  • Three (3) 1,500-kW emergency standby diesel generators
  • ASCO paralleling switchgear

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